This is a very important lesson.

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As expected, the larger Deszaurus Botcon exclusive is indeed a remolding/repaint of Car Robots Gigatron (or Robots In Disguise Megatron). The new head is ok but I already have 5 of this mold too (though one of them is for Frowny).

It isn't bad. It isn't exciting. It just is. But he really just looks like Gigatron to me. Much like I knew it would be since this was the only logical figure I thought they'd remold based off the price point.

So we'll end up with a probably 4 $6 figures, 2 $10 figures, and 1 $20 figure as the 7 $265 exclusive set with the 8th show attendee-only figure probably being another basic.

I have learned my lesson.

Always wait until the figures are unveiled before purchasing. This is a very important lesson.

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Well, at least this is less of a kick in the nuts than a repainted Strongarm. And I'm sure someone not going to the con will have enough of a hard-on for the ironhide and ratchet to pay more than what it cost you.

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