Yay for Fire Guts Super God Ginrai PVCs for $5


08-13-05-fggg.jpgWow. I didn't even remember bidding on it but I won an Takara fairly rare chase Fire Guts God Ginrai PVC for only $5. I needed it and with it being a chase figure I'm shocked it went so low. Sure it is a gold repaint but hey... I'm a completist.

I only need 23 pieces to have all G1 PVCs and unfortunately most of these are the rare chase/bonus figures that are often a pain in the ass to find at a decent price.

But completing these are one of my goals for Botcon.

Yes. I'm going to have a good expensive time and have learned to say "fuck it". I'll try to recoup some of the costs later by reselling the exclusives I don't want (even if it means breaking up the set) and hopefully the 8th show-attending only figure will suck such balls that I can sell it to someone who is a completist.

I figure it that toy is good and special and not some shitty basic then the fans that can't attend will definitely want one of those and I'll be more than willing to part with it.


NALA!! While Mr. P and I are on vacation this week, we have decided to eat Burger King happy meals so that you can get the limited edition Transformer toys and not have to go off your diet. That's true love for you.

Um... that's ok. You don't have to go out of your way for those for me at all.

They are not exactly worth owning and have probably more nutritional value in the plastic if you ate them instead of the Happy Meal.

Yay for value!

And for value-meals with plastic-crack!

Yeah, the toys are pretty crappy.

They'd have to be for a crackhead to say "Um, thanks but no. . ."

But at least you aren't damned like all those Indians who ate fries from McDonalds cooked in beef lard. . . so there is that.

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