Putting them away for a time gave new meaning.


Most of my plastic crack has been packed up since late May and I haven't been around them at all.

After pulling out all of my Transformers Armada and Energon figures I realized something that is extremely important.

In this instance, time does not make the heart fonder.

As I'm putting them on the shelves I realized how I really dislike the Armada design aesthetic. Sure, the smaller Optimus Prime (and even the larger one) is ok for what it is. Even some of the mini-cons are acceptable. But I really never realized how utterly boring the Starscream mold (and all other repaints/retools of it) are. It does nothing and is barely more than a statue.

I like Armada Jetfire too but he's so completely and utterly designed along a different aesthetic and vibe it baffles me. He doesn't share much at all with the rest of the line.

Energon fares a little better but there are some turds in the line.

All 3 combiners totally suck ass as combiners. I dissassembled the arms and legs to get them to fit into their bags and I cannot get a one back together to actually stand. Posability is nil. And Superion Maximus? Was the main component designed so poorly to cause kids to break the damn little plastic nib that serves as a waist? Grrr...

Roadblock is actually a really nice figure. I had opened him and put him on the shelf but never gave a real look at it. This mold should have been repainted as a G1 Grapple (or even Hauler) homage and included in the Master Collector "You stupid collector got suckered into buying this shit" exclusive set.

And the now happily gone Powerlinx gimmick? Ugh! The only figures that look half-ways decent are the Checkpoint and Prowl SWAT repaints of Rodimus and Prowl. And that's because they've been repainted in a like color scheme. All the other figures are up and down the color wheel here to actually make a decent combined figure. And man, they got worse "pieces" hanging off them than some Beast Wars figures. Give me "head on one shoulder, ass on the other" any day compared to this design style.

Ok. 9:30. Past my bedtime. Feet hurt. Calves hurt. Tired.

Gym-time at 5am comes really early.

Sleepies now.


Armada Jetfire is a great figure. And I actually like the Mini-Con idea, though only about half the toys are any good. Overall, Armada was a pretty shitty toy series. But you can't totally hate a series that gave us our first Unicron.

The brand's most overused plot device does not warrant anything special anymore.

But an Orson Welles action figure does.

I like the Megatron from the series as well, (though I do wish his hips and knees moved any way but sideways.) and Tidal Wave, but there's no point in combining them at all.

Sorry guys, I never understood all the Tidal Wave love. Nala, I know you're a fan of the toy too. But to me, that toy was a huge disappointment. I was able to transform that thing in about 30 seconds without even opening the instructions. Way too easy for the size. But, I'll admit the design was nice.

I don't love it THAT much but overall it is fine for what it is.

It has practically no posability and is a statue. That I'll give you.

Micron Densetsu Shockwave is also superior to both Hasbro releases. His colors, being purple and all, look so much better.

I think his biggest limitation that caused such lack of features is the fact that the gimmick of becoming armor for Megatron was the focus of the toy. That limits everything.

Now his minicon, Ramjet, is also one of the rarer minicons since it was never repainted (other than for Energon).

Those are the kinds of things Hasbro needs to do as giveaways and such. Repaint these little things like the rare minicon molds.

I think the last time I looked at instructions for a TF was either Energon Slugslinger or Alt. Grimlock. I enjoy the confusion.

I've got Alternators Grimlock in robot mode, and I don't think I'll ever figure out how to get him back to car again.

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