More than meets the Attic.


So I've been working on the Attic since I got home. Got some shelves reset and have been redoing everything. Nothing major. The Attic just looks more "lived in" with my toys up and fuck potential buyers if they can't deal with my geek-on.

The Attic of Love - Almost there...

I've added so much over the course of the summer. I had to move Armada all the way back (above) and I brought all my Cybertron stuff and merged it with my Galaxy Force figures.

The Attic of Love - For Sale To Good Home

The above image shows what I'm calling the "sell pile". It would be really nice to sell this stuff off before attempting to move. We didn't have much luck with Giga's ebay auctions but maybe I'll have time this week to get photos taken and get some of these on ebay. Unfortunately, some of this is still on retail shelves. Hell, WeBeToys on Morse has tons of Energon stuff.

And as promised, Frowny gets a RID Megatron.

The Attic of Love - RID Megatron for Mr. McBeard


Holy shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit

Nala is the man. If anyone picks a fight with you in the greater Buffalo area, I've got your back.

Ohio too, but I may need time to put together the bus fare.

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