And thus there came more plast crack...


So while going over my idea to use "molding" to hide various flaws around the vanity Giger wanted to go slightly different route so he's off to Lowes to check on slightly different wood.

But upon opening the front door to leave there was a package for me and in this package was... Beast Machines Blast Punch Optimus Primal.

Beast Machines Blast Punch Optimus Primal

At least he looks sort of like Primal did in the show. That other thing Hasbro released and called "Optimus Primal" is just so awful. Alas, Hasbro did a lot of bad design things with the Beast Machines toys. I can forgive a lot though (the poor design, totally out of scale, non-show colors, etc.) because they did release Air Attack Optimus Primal which pretty much nails the character from the show. (Of course, they released him under the RID brand name several years after Beast Machines was gone.)

This new bot is the 1361st Transformer that has been in my possession.


Well, Star Saber looks puzzled, but Buddy Jesus seems to approve. And when you've got the Lord on your side, really, how much more backing do you need?

Especially for a fellow religious leader like BMOP.

Star Saber is just wary, being that he's the protector of this here Attic of Love.

Buddy Christ just loves everything. Well... except the Armada and Energon cartoons. He wasn't fond of those.

Well, Kicker is an affront to everything that's good and holy in this world. And his name is fucking KICKER.

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