The big question: Do I or Don't I?


So Mr. E. has decided to go to BotCon '05 and I'm thinking that I will probably end up going too.

The big decision will be if it will be worth the $265 Primus Package cost to get the exclusive figures or not or save $145 and go with the basic Protoform package. (And unfortunately, I'm one of the people who finds naming geek related things like this completely infantile.)

I can probably do without the awards dinner but if Mr. E. goes I suppose I'd want to as well.

Perhaps I should just suck it up and go all out but man does this hurt. I mean, money's not the problem but the fact that I feel that I'm getting ripped off big time for my being a fan and wanting to do something related to the fandom part. (And normally, I'd stay clear of the fandom part big-time which is why I never went to a 'con until last year.)

I'm kind of worried about the dealer costs though.

So many of the online forum comments I've read say that the dealer fees are way overpriced and for my $800+ to get there I have no guarantee on how many dealers will even bother to go at the cost.

For me the con is not the panels and seminars. Hell... these panels are the same year in and year out. The poor voice actors get asked the same lame ass questions, Simon Furman supplies the same answers more or less to the same questions, and anything announced by Hasbro should be taken with a grain of salt. (Do you know how many things they announced at last year's OTFCC were cancelled? Many of the items on display have yet to be released. So big deal.)

For me the con is about the geeking in the dealer room. The looking and sorting and digging and making deals on things I want.

And that's where the problem lies. I could take the $800+ and buy that mint-in-box Star Saber I want or probably a Takara Fortress Maximus plus the Japanese Toys R Us Exclusive God Fire Convoy I want.

But I'll probably end up going.

And I'll probably end up coming back and never going to another "official" con.

I've got a bad feeling about this.


What if I told you there'd be dirty skanky whores at BotCon?

That's part of the problem kinda. I mean, the con is the same month I'm usually with my dirty skanky friends in San Francisco.

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