Black Zarak in the house again?


Energon Scorponok as Black ZarakSo once upon a time, back in the yonder years of the 80s during what is now known as Generation 1, there was the Decepticon Headmaster Leader Scorponok (Mega Zarak in Japan).

Figure-wise he was actually pretty shitty visually and like the majority of the figures of that later G1 era was brick-like and clunky. At least in the Japanese Headmasters show he had a ton of screen time.

Now Takara retooled and repainted him into the much nicer Black Zarak who appeared in Masterforce.

Black Zarak kicks major ass and his PVC figure is one of my favorites.

Anyway... in 2004 in the Energon line they introduced that line's version of Scorponok and it was ok. A little too clunky in bot mode and a little too useless in the cartoon but overall ok.

Well rumors abounded and prototype pictures popped up that Takara had retooled the mold for Galaxy Force's force chip gimmick and it appears to be true.

There will be a "Black Zarak" version of Energon Scorponok released.

He looks better but he really needs the G1 Black Zarak's red spear. That to me added so much to the figure in the same way that my much beloved Master Sword adds to Fortress Maximus and God Fire Convoy.

Perhaps I'll end up getting him. I bought an extra Energon Scorponok to someday repaint as Black Zarak. Like that'll ever happen.


The color scheme is much better.

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As they have a version of the Black Zarak spear that is tooled to work with Energon Scorponok.

I didn't care much for most of the Masterforce toys (especially the pretender version of Fort Max-supposedly his little brother. What's up with that? I'll pretty much stick to God Ginrai and pining for Overlord.) and I already have Energon Scorponok (and I like the way his head is painted to be reminiscent of the Headmaster version with the WAAAY too big helmet), so I think I'll skip this one.

Yeah, I'll probably buy that thing. But *god*, that is a hideous mold.

Definitely needs a sword.

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