And let me just tell you that the typical sick and pathetic life of a Transformer collecter isn't all shits and giggles.

If you stab us, do we not bleed?



Kee-rist!! Who do you people buy from? The most problems I've had buying an old G1 off eBay was wiggly arms on a Thrust! Maybe I've just been lucky. . .

I've never really had any problems and if I did, they were usually my NOT READING the auction completely.

Mr. E.'s just had a bad run lately, especially with the Fort Max.

And I will attest that people on ebay will use the word "complete" to describe something that is missing parts. It really frigg'n blows my mind.

That's why I only bid on Completes that have pictures with ALL the parts there. The one time I didn't I got an Energon Omega Supreme with no head or missiles. I called them on it, and I got the body for free. 'Course, he's kinda useless without the head.

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