Rodimus is made up Latin for crappy leader


A comment left by Hellopike says it all...

...Rodimus is made up Latin for crappy leader...
True. But one day he will be redeemed. You'll see.



The only thing crappier than Rodimus was the Matrix for picking him in the first place. Luckily, Galvatron was completely insane.

What I wonder is if any of the leftovers from the first two seasons ever sat around saying "So. . . remember when there seemed to be a purpose to all this? When our leader was the fun kind of megalomaniacal batshit crazy/not a whiny bitch who never knows what to do?"

But you see... he wasn't meant to be leader of the Autobots. His sole purpose was to end the threat of Unicron and he did. Optimus wasn't supposed to die.

You'll understand one day. Believe me. I'll finish writing "Splintered" and you'll say to yourself "Wow. Poor Hot Rod. He wasn't all that bad. He couldn't help what happened."

And I'll say "Hahaha McBeardinstein! I told ya!"

"You've got the touch. You've got the power."

Hey. That's from Boogie Nights.

You're sure I won't just be like "Wow, Nala just devoted a lot of time to an assmaster like Rodimus. Why couldn't he have written 'In Defense of Wheelie' instead?"

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