In which Hasbro once again doesn't make sense.

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Ok. Remember the birth of SNATCH (Stupid Names of American Transformers Created by Hasbro) from a few days back? Well I'm broadening it to include "names applied to inappropriate Transformers by Hasbro".

Case in point, the first time ever issuing of the Takara-only Sixtrain to be known as Rail Racer.

Ok. So they reused the Team Bullet Train names from Robots In Disguise. Totally appropriate. No complaints.

And then they named the other 3 Overload, Tankorr, and Swindle???

Overload, Tankorr, and Swindle???

What the phrock!?!?!?!

Couldn't they have come up with new ones? Or even reuse some other G1 names that would make more sense for trains???

Arrrghhhhh!!! Hasbro... I know the kiddies don't care. But even the frigg'n name "Tankor" indicates the name was originally made for something tank-like. DOY!!!

But at least the damn things are going to be released. The Universe line looked dead and I don't care too much for anything Cybertron-related right now.

We may just see the Devestator-colored Landfill and the Seacons yet.

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