Hasbro marketing? Huh?


Please Hasbro I need you so badly to explain something to me.

How the hell can you repackage shelf warmers and put them back out on the shelves yet again?!?!?

Now I don't know the truthfulness of these since the past few days showed Transformers Universe packaging that looks like the new Cybertron line and not this old design packaging.

Maybe these are just old photos for ideas that were scrapped since other old repaint shit is going to be released in Cybertron-like packages.

See. The marketing staff will use words like "consistency" and "on message" and possibly even "brand synergy" when they are really trying to mask the fact that old toys, some that have sat on the shelf for over a year, are now in the new line's packaging to confuse people. I mean, most people, especially parents buying their kids plastic crack aren't going to notice the difference and so the same old shit may get bought again.

Now I don't know if this is the intention but it smells like it.

I don't see Takara doing this kind of thing so the Asian toy market must be substantially different.

Then again, Takara doesn't typically repaint the hell out of the same molds over and over and over again and try to sell them over and over and over again.


This isn't that surprising. . . haven't you seen in drugstores that they're still selling the spychangers from RID and some of the minicons from Armada with "collectible tins"? I kinda figured that this was just the next wave of that, and that's why the packaging is so small.

Besides, I liked Arcee. I thought she was a way better motorcycle transformer than Sideways.

I always understood the $3 price point Tiny Tins, especially for that "spontaneous purchase" market that drugstores excel at.

There aren't a whole lot of TFs the size of the G2/RID Spychangers. They really should design new ones to fill that niche.

Which Sideways? G2/RID Lasercycle version or that nasty ugly Armada one?

Or the black and yellow Energon repaint of the purple Armada one.

Nasty Ugly Armada. Gawd, but I hated him. His minicons weren't much better and the gimmick kinda sucked.

Give me Punch/Counterpunch anyday.

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