Need more info!


So I ran home for lunch and Master Collector was in the mail.

I'm very livid that it is now June and they are still being very vague over the details of the Botcon for this September.

I still will probably go even if it means charging it to plastic (which I rarely ever use) but I want details!!!

I want to know if it is going to be worth my money to get on a plane and go to frigg'n Dallas.

I'd love to meet some Cowland Crack Addicts and I can see myself going to the con purely to sit at the bar and watch geeks again.

Grrr... and the Master Collector TF insert?

Man they must have an amateur laying this out in MS Publisher or something. There's definitely not a whole lot of publishing and design skill going into these things.


I think you meant "not".

"definitely now a whole lot of publishing and design skill"

Fixed. That's one of my top 5 speed typo errors.

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