Takara To Reissue Brick


So while there doesn't appear to be an official news release from Takara (or whatever it is called now) there's rumors aplenty that Star Convoy will be re-issued.

Do you like your bricks as reincarnated version of Convoy? Sure ya do!

Will I get this? Hmmm... hard to say.

I'd probably get it for the Micromaster Hot Rod more than the blocky Star Convoy.

I mean, if I get Star Convoy, I then have to get Mr. E.'s favorite Grandus.


He's a Prime and a Micromaster base. I'm sorta committed. The only problem is he's kind of a sucky Prime (but no worse than Machine Wars) and kind of a sucky Micromaster base.

Also, I'm kind of upset that they're releasing yet another Prime, instead of something like Dezaurus or Overlord. I would kill for an Overlord reissue.

Yeah. I'd buy either of those.

I love my PVCs of 'em!

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