Holy plastic crack addicts Optimus!


Holy fucking shit!!! I can't believe how fucking expensive it'll be if I decide to go to Botcon 2005.

It is insane!

Ok. $129/night for room (so let's say $65 because I'd split it).

Now I can either pay $265 for registration which includes a ton of useless paper shit, the seven-figure exclusive set (repaints ahoy), the right to attend the seminars, and some special piece that can only be picked up in person.

If I don't want to attend but want the figures it'll still cost $265 and I won't get the special gift since I won't attend in person.

If I just want to go to the sales floor it'll cost $9 per day.

Airfare, at this moment, would be around $350-$400.

Ok. Now all dealers must get a Texas sales tax number and charge 8.25% sales tax!!!

It will cost me around $750 before tax is added to just fucking get to the convention!!! And I've got to do more than the sales floor because I'd lose my mind walking around there for 2 days looking at the same old plastic crack over and over and over again!

I spent about $800 on toys, travel, meals, and alcohol last year at the 'con in Chicago. It will cost me more just to get to this con than I spent on toys last year!!!

And thank god I paid $40 to be a club member because it'd cost closer to $950 just to get there!

And with my wallet already minus $800 I still haven't even puchased any toys in the display room!!!

So the way I see it, I'm be spending around $1600 just to go attend the Botcon this year.

And to top all of this off all of the brochure materials still look like they were produced by amateurs with no concept of kerning, leading, placement, etc. with Microsft Publisher. Kids with crayons have better sense of placement. Hell, I'd donate my design skills for all their materials if they'd give me the big package!!! (Ok. I'm really bitching now. But I need slick design to justify certain expenses.)

I so badly wanted to get out of Ohio, get Mr. E. drunk on shots at the hotel bar, meet some Cowtowner crack addicts, and just have a silly geeky loser time.

But now? Geesh!!! I just don't know.


Looks like I'm not the only one that freaked:

From tfw2005: Anyone want to buy my kidney so I can AFFORD BotCon? forum thread.
From Allspark: Registrations forms are up, And prices... are... thread


Airfare and hotel are a given. But, jesus, $265?! WTF? And I thought this damn thing was supposed to be run BETTER than 3H. So far, I'm not seeing that.

F*** it, let's launch cheap rockets instead.

Hell... I could buy a $30 bag of pot, smoke myself into oblivion, and pretend I'm at the con for 2 days!!!

Me: Want to go to Virtual Botcon?

Bethany: ................what?

Oh man...

I can see it now, Virtual Bethany at Virtual Botcon walking up to the Virtual Nerd-chicks in Costumes: "What're you supposed to be?"

Man, her graduation party was fun.

Why don't you just take the $1600 and bid on a Japanese exclusive on eBay? I'll send you the pot (I live near Southern Ontario, and it's everywhere except when you're actually looking. . .) and you can smoke it the day Overlord comes. You'll have you virtual fest, s'more crack, and you won't have to be around the smellies!

Her grad party seems like a decade ago.

The reference to the " ................what?" WAS a decade ago!!!

I really wanted to get out of Ohio.

Who knows. Perhaps I'll still go. No doubt Mr. E. will be going and he'll need help with the hotel.

And speaking of "smellies", I wanted to take photos of various guys bending over and their cracks showing. I was going to do this whole new "plastic crack" thing on Flikr.

And actually, there are more "smellies" at comic cons than there are at TF cons. At least from my experience that is.

And to drive this thread thoroughly into the gutter, I'd gladly be a smellie model. It would be my better late than never entrance into the glamorous world of porn. My agent will be in touch.

That was a GREAT party.

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