Texas? Eeeewww....


Well I certainly can't say that I'm thrilled that this year's Botcon is going to be in Frisco, Texas which is apparently north of Dallas.

Why they hell not just have it in the metropolitan area?

Now I don't know much about Dallas (other than Gary Ewing came from there) but perhaps the airport is out north.

At the moment airfare isn't cheap so I don't know if it is going to be worth going to or not.

Doesn't help that the thing has been moved from summer to late September when I'm usually in San Francisco either.

Trixter gave me some info on previous Master Collector conventions so I can't say I'm all that excited. But then again, we are talking something that is 6 months away.

Mr. E. had about as great a reaction ot the Texas news as I did.

Oh well.


If by some chance they get someone like Frank Welker to show, I will definitely be going.

Hell, I will *walk* to Frisco if I have to.

Why Texas sucks
1) cannot use cheap southwest to fly DIRECTLY into. You have to fly to a bordering state then you need to fly in. I hate changing flights.

2) I HATE country music. I hate it with a passion. Anyone who sings about horses dying and losing their dog should not be allowed to create music.

3) Dallas is the WORST layout city in the world. I would rather go to Chicago were I can at least find stuff.

The last 2 times i have been there, I almost got killed. Once by a semi once by a speeding old hag in a cadallic.

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