Finally!!! Minerva is in the house!!! And so's Road Caesar and Fortress (I can't call him Cerebros anymore) too.

It took a helluva long time but they are mine.

I wish they'd make a Mega PVC of Minerva. She's a great design.

Hell... she should be a Binaltech figure too. I just think the name works perfectly for her.


I just love the name "Road Caesar." Beats "Decepticharge" any day.

It's a shame that the Mega PVC line did so poorly. I guess the format never caught on.

Minerva has so grown on me these past few months.

I know the actual toy looks like a brick but the anime design just works well for me.

But why did they have to make her a teen. I'd have been satisfied with a mid-20s girl.

Surpringly, as much as I hate humans in Transformers, I don't find the Masterforce series concept all that bad.

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