More crack for the miserable addict!

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There's been quite a bit of crack added to the attic lately.

Some of it as gift given and some from ebay purchases.

A MIB Beast Machines Ultra Jetstorm and Takara Beast Wars Panther arrived. I find it funny that I can never seem to get the Hasbro Tripredicus Agent "Ravage" but I easily (and cheaply) got the Takara version. Doesn't matter though. At least that hole is filled.

Mr. E. bought me some awesome birthday presents while over in Japan.

It hit the shelves while he was there and he got me a Robot Masters #22 Lio Convoy. Man this figure has a beautiful sculpt for the small size. I'm tempted to open him to go with by Beast Convoy but you know me and imports. Plus, this isn't an "import" per se... this is a "purchased in Japan" figure so it is a bit more special.

He found me a Robot Mega PVC Megatron and Robot Mega PVC Starcream too. Really great additions. And the little Laserbeak that comes with Megatron is da bomb!!! Too bad they didn't release more of these posable Mega PVCs. A Shockwave, a Soundwave, and a Blaster would have been nice.

Knowing how much I love Car Robots, he ended up getting me a Car Robots X-Car too. And a Beast Wars Neo Bazooka.

Beautiful stuff. Thanks Mr. E!!!

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You just be careful with that little PVC Laserbeak. He has a tendency to fly off and get lost.

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