Must get rid of stuff...


Ok. I think it is time I reduce some of the items in the attic to make room for new things coming out this summer.

Perhaps it is time for my Armada/Energon duplicates, Built-To-Rules, and other miscellaneous bots I don't care too much about to find their way into a large Ebay lot.

And I need to get rid of 8,000 comic books too!!!

In other news, I'm frustrated at work, I feel sick again, and I'm really really really starving!!!


Paper. Fighting. Robots. Rule.

Trade ya for Powermaster Optimus?

Er... what comic books ya selling? I'm a fiend for Batman and Frank Miller...

Creesto: Man! That's an insane amount of work.

Evebird: We'll talk when you come back from Japan.

E!: I will keep you in mind once we get the whole thing sorted and figure out what is there. I should have a lot from the 80s.

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