Dinoking!!! You rock!!!



One of the "holy grails" of my obsession. A mint-in-the-box never released in the US Takara Dinoking is up on Ebay and I find myself constantly coming back to this auction.

Grrrrr!!! He's so beautiful. So utterly amazing beautiful.

And he's up for sale too. If ever there was some kind of strange phallus envy in me it is most definitely brought out by God Fire Convoy and his Master Sword!

Anyway. I actually remembered to send out invites today. Sure it took me sending myself 3 emails to do it. But it is done. And thus another year passes.


Pick your era, it's always the same:

Dinosaurs + Robots = Coolness.

Godzilla + Mechagodzilla = Coolness too.

Rather have out of the box. I am such a box opener.

I don't know. With the cost of the original Takara G1 packages and giftsets I don't think I'd open these.

I like the box art/display value of the Masterforce, Victory, and Zone stuff too much.

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