More crack for the lame-oh.


So snagged an Energon Jetfire/Ironhide 2 Pack at Wally World for only $9 tonight.

While I hate the figures individually they could almost be tolerable combined (Jetfire being the top) and repainted in a consistent color scheme.

Someone kitbashed one with G1 Overlord as an inspiration and it totally makes a the figure palatable!

And it is really hard for me to like this Energon Ironhide when his frigg'n head just sits on top of this alt mode!!! What the hell was Hastak think??? Robots IN DISGUISE people!

Fodder for a future kitbash if I have my way.

Yeah. I'll get around to that some day.

And that General Devestatar kitbash from Transformers: Zone too.


Wow, that was weird. I signed in to Type Key to post a comment, and the text at the top of the screen briefly read "balls do not itch."

Well, they may not itch, but they do suck. Especially when it comes to Energon Ironhide. But at 75% off, the purchase is justified. Heck, *I* might even get one for that price.

I have to admit, I did so love that custom purple/white repaint.

Bwahahahah!!! I wonder why. I don't think I have written anything about itchy balls.

Oh well.

They definitely do suck though.

Man these two figures totally blow. Ironhide is better than Jetfire but combined they blow.

The kitbash has a few custom additions that make them tolerable, namely reducing Ironhide's stupid gun turret.

Still... the whole gimmick blows. Not only are colors garish but you have all these horrible pieces handling off all over the character.

Now there are are elements of the bots that are cool, namely Ironhide's legs, but it just all falls apart.

And to think I'll be so lame as to buy the Overcast repaint of Jetfire when it ships.

God I am lame.

Purple? Well, strike one for colorblindness. I thought I remembered them being black and blue.

The Overlord repaints, not the balls.

And yes, it does briefly show the itchy-balls URL... I think it's what his comment thingy is named now.

Yeha I guess it is more blue, teal, black, and white.

I don't know what I was thinking.

Shockers is the purple one!

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