This is what I get for paying $40 to join the Transformers Collectors Club?

I knew it was going to be some combiner but I had hopes that maybe it'd be something Hasbro/Takara had gotten the old molds from G1 out for. Something a collector, hence the "collector club", would really want to have. Even a retool of the an old G1 mold of something.

But no. A mediocre repaint of a merely adequate figure that combines into a piece of shit that can barely stand.

Yeah. It is my own fault for wasting the money. The collector magazine is worthless to me, the "original" comic useless, and now I get a figure that I wasn't all too thrilled with to begin with.

Hell... they could have at least painted it so it would look like the original Superion or something.

This sucks as much ballage as Hasbro naming Binaltech Dragstrip a lame name like Decepticharge! God that sucks. You could have just called him "Decepticon Dragstrip" people!

I think I'm getting to the point where I'm starting to really hate American plastic crack!!!


O my god, that sucks the long-distance-toy-shopping balls.

I thought they might give us Predaking or the Seacons, now that the US edition seems to be cancelled.

And we have to wait 5 years to get the complete "exclusive" shitty repaint of a shitty toy?

That thing is going on ebay. And unless things change drastically, I'm only going to be a one-year member of this club.

I can't complain. He looks exactly like a fan-character of mine. Except for being the Sky Shadow mold. I'd ask Ben Yee about that if he was ever on AIM anymore...

Wow! He does look like your fan character.

I'm just hoping that my $40 will eventually pay off at the con or something.

That is if they'd ever announce one so I can plan.

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