Ravage is in da haus!

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transformers alternator ravage

Matt surprised me today when he got home from work and had a brand new Alternator Battle Ravage that he found at Target while doing a geek run at lunch.

Surprised was I.

While I do like having a new Alternator, even though it is just a retool of Tracks, I still don't know if I can get over the fact they used Ravage for this.

It is kinda weak if ya ask me.

I mean... I have no problems with using the Stunticons as Decepticon Alternators since they all had vehicle Alt modes to begin with. But Ravage? He's a robotic panther that turns into an audio cassette. That's kinda pushing it.

And I don't care that Hasbro lost the name "Ravage". I refuse to call him "Battle Ravage" in the same way I refuse to call Shockwave by the stupid moniker "Shockblast".

I think I need to lay off the plastic crack for awhile. Far too many crack-related conversations take up the day and night for me either face to face or on message boards.

Must... get... a... life...

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You look at the head and you say why.

You think about the head and you say why.

You look at the whole thing and you say what in the hell where they thinking.

Maybe they will get some common sense and realize they do not need to get liscense to make a panther.

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