1095 plus 5 equals 1100


Just because you all care so much...

I'm 5 Transformers away from the big 1100.

Wanna donate to The Attic of Love™?

You know you want to see me get to 1100.

I know you do.


When I am counting my collection which is of course superior to yours(Well I do have a Fortress Maximus ), do you count each individual minicon as a seperate TransFormer?

A good Fort Max is hard to come at a decent price, hence why I'm happy with my Brave Max for Car Robots.

And I will only spend the kinda $ on one for a complete mint one. Don't care so much about the box and all but I do want him in excellent shape if I'm going to fork over big time cash.

I count Minicons like Micromasters so they are separate. Of course, I don't count Energon Omega Supreme's head as separate and all Headmasters and Godmasters are considered "one" and not the sum of their parts. Brave Max is one and not 3.

I suppose if I actually broke down individual bots my total would be higher. Since I like Japanese continuity better for the 'masters' stuff I always count them as one bot like they are in the anime.

I need someone to compare my counting with. I need to go back and update now and see how close to a 1000 I am.

Fortess Maximus I got REALLY luck on. He is in great shape only missing one part. Missing Gun on his side arm. My wife got him for our aniversity. He stands tall and proud watching over the alternators.

So, heard about Seth Green's new Adult Swim entry? Robot Chicken. Action figure stop motion animation, and I just read an article that mentions Optimus Prime doing a PSA. Plastic roolz!

Yeah. I need to TIVO that so I catch them all.

Supposedly the first episode was a Transformer episode.

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