Who disrupts my coronation!?!?!


Direct from Japan. In his first ever appearance in the Attic of Love.

Robot Masters Starscream joins the fold.

Robot Masters Starscream

Damn he was hard to acquire. These things are sold out all over the place and I don't think Takara is gonna make more.

And I got him a whole lot cheaper than the go'n rate! WooHoo!


Wow, that was fast shipping from Japan.

You need to update your Attic of Love photos!!

Yet the silver connections that go on him make him look so werid.

Evebird: Yeah. I still need to get the extraneous Beast Wars crap up and the Binaltech/Alternators rearranged. Not to mention to Micromasters section.

Marv: Yeah. I haven't opened him yet but I did notice the pic on the back of how those pieces fit on him. So totally not the real Starscream.

close up pictures also. Though i seriously need to take some pictures of my own collections. The shevles of the endless dust.

Ah yes... the never-ending battle against dust. I love it.

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