Oh Jesu, Part Deux


Oy kolendy! At least I got paid today. It is the only thing that has been helping me assuage my recent crack-related guilt.

Recently, my second major crack dealer started a 15-20% off sale and lo and behold I found myself going in on an order with Evebird and Matt to feed the addiction.

Now with this splurging I completely and utterly went over any sense of a budget that I possibly could have set myself. Especially in light of the $ I paid to the bank to get in their good graces.

But man oh man and I am feeling the guilt over these purchases.

Sure Evebird finally got his Blue Tracks and Matt snagged some of his DC Direct figures, but I lost my mind that night.

Theoretically, I shouldn't be allowed to buy anything until June.

I mean, I usually budget about $30-$40 per month for my habit. I am way beyond that already for January alone.

To try and counter-balance the insanity I've put my first ever Ebay auction up. Depending on how this first one goes I've got about 5 other things I can put up. I'll be happy to break even on them and I'm not the kind of guy to screw people up the arse on shipping as I've been screwed.

Got an Energon Megatron, Landmine, Sam's Club Exclusive Prowl/Starscream, a box of loser non-show Beast Wars figures, and some other miscellaneous stuff I can probably put up.

The guilt though... that is what I want to go away.

I feel like Lady Macbeth wandering around trying to clean the spot that just won't come off.

Stupid stupid plastic crack addict.

One day I'll end up in therapy.


Must sell paper-crack for plastic-crack money.

Must organize paper crack first then figure most cost-effective way to make money off of it.

And you must sign-up for a TypeKey log-in and AOL Instant Messenger while you are at it.

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