Oh I wish...

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You know what I want.

I want a device that can scan the visuals in my thoughts and transfer them to digital video.

I really really want that.

I came up with the most awesome idea for the opening of my retroactive continuity story that replaces the horrid Season 4 of the 80s Transformers cartoon.

But writing it down just can't do it justice.

I just don't possess the descriptive language skills necessary to write nor do I possess the artistic skills to storyboard and time this sequence for animation.

Then again I still think I have some scene/shot/timing sheets around from my old animation school days. I suppose I could drum up the 12 year old knowledge stored away in the depths of my brain to document this visual.

Of course, you'd need to be an animator to read the timing sheets to understand what I'm getting at.

Hell... no doubt the computer revolution in animation has made some of my old timing knowledge obsolete.

And my Splintered story in which I redeem the character of ultimate pussy Rodimus Prime has kind of stalled.

Since I'm not a serious writer I can't say I have writer's block. But I've more or less reached a point where it would become nothing more than 50 or so pages of dialogue between 2 individuals and the "ghosts" of about 10 others. Perhaps I can find a way to distill this down into something less talky. Then again, maybe not.

Skills. I lack so many.

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Cobra developed that technology. It's called the Brain Wave Scanner. Displays myriad visual images and records the responses from your brain. Then it categorizes the information, and reverses the data feed, "reading" the electrical impulses in your brain, creating a composite computerized image.

At least that's what some G.I. Joe geek told me.

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