plastic crack addiction or merely a specialized collector?

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Trixter managed to put into words the same things I was thinking about the new Transformers Collectors' Club that came into existence after the demise of 3H's horrible management of the previous club.

But then again, I actually paid money... on Dreamwave's sometimes-atrocious TF comics, so it clearly takes a massive amount of suck for me to not spend money on Transformers. The thing about this club is that it feels far too much to me like what they're really selling you is a subscription to their "indexed Toy and Doll trading newspaper with several thousand classified ads each month."
Yeah. That's exactly what I started thinking about it too. Hell... even sent Evebird an email when I joined saying I felt guilty... and I did... but I couldn't put my finger on it.

Trixter really nailed it though.

There's no such thing as a Transformers fan, just a legion of Transformers collectors out there for toy sellers to fleece! (And I do consider there to be a difference between the two, largely judgable by your concern about the "value" of your "collection"...

I guess I just wish it had gone to some people - even another professional company! - that didn't need a volunteer fan panel... because they understood the people who were here for the love of it as much as the people who were here for the bling.

Oh well. I've wasted $40 on a whole lot of worse things before this.

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