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Woah! 5 posts without a crack entry. Must change that.

Over at the boards on, Don Murphy, the producer for the forthcoming Dreamworks live action Transformers film, stated that they are confirming the core 7 Autobots and Decepticons that will be in the film.

Of course, every TF geek has their wish list.


It is harder than you might imagine.

I mean there has to be a good mix of characters and personalities.


For the core Autobots:

Optimus Prime (voiced by Peter Cullen and only Peter Cullen)
Bumblebee (voiced by Dan Gilvezan) but only if Bumblebee can be a 70s VW Beetle!
Prowl (voiced by Michael Bell)
Jazz (voiced by Keith Davis) He's perfect to replace Scatman Crothers and make Jazz a bit deeper.
Ironhide (while I'd love Cullen to recreate Ironhide, I'm thinking voice by Michael Clarke Duncan)
Ratchet (voiced by Matthew Broderick)
Mirage (voiced by Christopher Lee)

Also to appear in smaller roles would be Cliffjumper (Casey Kasem), Sidewipe, Sunstreaker, and Brawn.

For the core Decepticons:

Megatron (voiced by Frank Welker and only Frank Welker)
Shockwave (voiced by David Warner or possibly Corey Burton who created the character.)
Starscream (I just don't know who could replace Chris Latta. Really. I don't.)
Thundercracker (voiced by Alec Baldwin)
Skywarp (voiced by William Devane)
Soundwave (voiced by Frank Welker too)
Laserbeak (sounds by Frank Welker once again)

Also to appear in smaller roles would Rumble, Frenzy, Reflector (like in the cartoon).

It really is pretty hard to come up with voices for some of these characters since Frank Welker voiced over 15 characters over Transformers' 3 seasons.

Quite frankly, I think the cast of the original 3-parter More Than Meets The Eye should pretty much be in the film, but so should Carly and Chip Chase in some capacity.


Starscream-Gary Oldman? Or if not him, then Stephen Perring. His voice doesn't have that high-squeal that Latta's did, but it's just dripping with evil. But come on, William Devane? Why not have all three jets do the trifeca, and have William Devane, Jack Nicholson, and Christian Slater, that way they could all sound alike. And you've got to throw in a Dinobot. It'd be like G.I. Joe without Snake-Eyes or Storm Shadow. And Christopher Lee as Mirage? What is he, a Satan-bot?

Ok. Goldman could do Starscream but he'd have to really flex his vocal skills and be a bit raspier.

Now on Skywarp and Thundercracker you gotta understand I am desperately want Hasbro and Lorimar to greenlight my Knots Landing: More Than Meets The Eye television series.

I figure, if they don't, at least I can still have the Snots connection with Devane and Baldwin.

Vocally they'd be fine and for the most part Skywarp and Thundercracker didn't do much anyway.

bumble bee is my favorite transformer.

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