Man did it suck to be me.

I was so excited yesterday because of my BBTS package supposedly arriving I didn't think the UPS guy wouldn't just leave it like he normally does.

Instead there was just a note saying a signature was required!!! Ack!!! What's even more upsetting is that they often show up after 4pm or so and Matt or I are usually home by then.

Must be a big ass package.

However, even though I didn't get my Nippon goodness Eric Nassau stopped by and surprised me with a mint condition 1987 Headmaster Horrorcon Snapdragon and a mint condition 1986 Wreck-Gar. Both with the boxes too!!!

Eric rocks the balls when it comes to giving me his old yet beautifully maintained crack.

This puts the plastic crack total at 674. I'm edging ever closer to that magic 700!


you know, ups is by us...you guys could stop by and torture the cats...or weed our lawn.

Well today I have a yard of my own to deal with. It has been over a week since it has been cut.

And the old lady's tree leaves are coming down in the yard. Ugh!

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