OTFCC 2004 Summary: A Nala bitchfest session...

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Well... I'm back from this year's OTFCC. I had 2 extremely long days of pretty much non-stop walking around and around and around the dealer rooms.

Yes. I spent more than I had planned. My rationale? Well, it isn't every day I can find obscure 20 year old items that I want so I basically said to myself "why the hell not?" and bought things. I shall be refraining from ebay for several months to balance out my crack budget.

I'd have to say that on the whole, the event was an ideal place to people watch and train my bitter and jaded eye on geekdom as a whole.

Yes. All the stereotypes were there, and in full force to boot.

Now one interesting thing was that not only was there the big Tranformers convention, there was an even bigger (probably 4000+ people) miniatures gaming convention going on. Talk about a visual geekstravaganza!!!

On the whole, the OTFCC con was a mediocre event, and I lay the fault for this directly at the feet of 3H, the company that ran this event.

Disorganized and unprofessional, many things gave me the feeling that these people are just fans who really don't have any concept of true event planning on the scale that this needs to be done.

Examples of this which utterly frustrated me and made me wish I was somehow involved in an official capacity to bring some sense of order and follow-up to missing details:

  • Past 12 Months - lack of real information about events and schedule
  • Past 12 Months - Useless website with no real organization or east to access information.
  • Past 12 Months - Inability to respond in a timely manner to anything.
  • Past 12 Months - Behaviour bordering on "fraudulent", considering hundreds of people have still not received exclusive merchandise that was paid for over a year ago.
  • Con Day 1 - Absolutely no signage, professional or otherwise, indicating there was a show. Hell, we confused the gamer con lines for the TF con lines.
  • Con Day 1 - An embarrassment of a registration/pass pick-up desk.
  • Con Day 1 - The waiting line of early arriving geeks being allowed to camp out in front of the registration desks, thereby making people have to walk over and practically fall on these losers who were all sitting on the floor.
  • Con Day 1 - Useless convention guidebook full of useless artwork from a comic book. The damn thing is supposed to be about events and where things can be found.
  • Con Day 1 - Hard to read hand drawn signage when there was signage. A simple b&w laser printed sign would have been perfectly fine.
  • General - No real information or advertising for some panel rooms.
  • General - No information area where update info, such as room changes or other cancellations, is posted.
  • General - No place to smack and shame extreme fan boys who ask stupid fan boy questions because they have no real life.
  • General - No way to ship items you buy if you are from out of town.
  • General - No decent maps or even clocks around.
Now I've been involved in a wide-variety of large and small scale event planning, even on extreme budgets, and there are just some basic things that I cannot excuse, especially from "officially" sanctioned events with this kind of attendance.

Oh well, that's enough for a first rant.

More later on geek fanboy observations, the hotel, plastic crack acquisitions, and observations on the concept of "captive audience" and evilness, and The Fabulous Bethany Power and she-who-was-formerly Kate Power.

Oh, and pictures too so you can laugh and taunt me about being a geek.

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