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Brian D., who was the primary motivating factor for me to go to OTFCC, just emailed me a link to an Ebay auction for the Hasbro give-away exclusives at the 'con.

Now understand all you had to do was fill out this survey and you got these items.

The exclusives in question are the cheapest possible item Hasbro could have done: Energon spears (Japanese sample? in translucent blue and purple.

At most, the cost to Hasbro for these things is about 2-3¢. Maybe a couple of pennies more for a simple bag and the dumb ass printed instructions, which could have been left out.

Now while I am clearly stating how lame these give-aways are, I consider it to be a smart tactic on Hasbro's part. Produce the simplest stupidest cheapest give-away, have your adoring captive audience at hand, do a marketing survey, and then make the captive geeks feel like they are getting something "special".

Now a repaint mini-con or G1 mini-bot would be "special". At least they represent something that actually transforms.

Anyway, my gripe with it that these attendees, myself included, spend thousands of dollars over time on Hasbro's products. Many people spent thousands of dollars just at the damn convention!!!

And the special sorta-kinda "thank you" to those who went out of their way to attend the 'con, spent money to get in, spent money to travel there, and will continue to spend money on Hasbro products, get the cheapest simplest possible freebie that Hasbro could do.

It just kind of pisses me off. Hasbro should have done something a little more substantial for the fan base.

Anyway, back to that auction which was the whole point of this entry but I had to get here with a bit more info for you non-plastic crack addict readers.

Many of the vendors/dealers startedoffering $10 for the two damn freebies if the geeks would just part with the things. I had packed up mine in the suitcase at the hotel, so unfortunately I couldn't sell 'em off.

Now already on Ebay there are auctions gouging collectors. This auction had a starting bid of $12.50 and ended up going for $38.77!!!

That is insane!!! We are talking 30¢ worth of product here folks! 30¢!!! And people are paying almost $40 for the shit!!!

Do you see why I call this shit plastic crack™?

TF geeks are willing to plop down insane amounts of money to get our fix, regardless of the true value of the dope we need!!!

Now I would never have paid for the things. I took 'em because they were "convention exclusives", but I understand that beyond the fact that they are not for sale in stores, the things have practically zero value.

Anybody in their right mind, of course I am excluding most TF geeks here, would look at these things, see how much people are willing to pay for them, and just realize what a sorry lot we are.

Insanity I tell you. Insanity!!!

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those things look like pens.

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