OTFCC 2004: Day 1


Well, Matt and I picked up Brian D. at 5am Saturday and we headed to the Cowtown Air Transportation Vehicle Launching facility.

A couple of hours later and one time zone later, we made it to our hotel.

Unfortunately, with the hotel totally booked, we couldn't even check-in until after 3pm. At least were were able to leave the luggage and bags with the bellguy (I think bellboy sounds just too gay!) and head over to the 'con.

I'll admit that it was quite impressive to walk in and see 15 or so tables for Big Bad Toy Store (BBTS), my favourite online plastic crack acquisition site.

Actually, I'd have to say that BBTS had probably the best display and presentation of anyone, including Hasbro's rather spartan center booths.

Now we wandered around and checked out every dealer.

Protectobot GrooveThere was one guy, a rather young guy actually, that I actually got some of my best deals from. He sold me a practically mint vintage Protectobot Groove, a fair vintage Protectobot Streetwise, and a complete and near mint vintage Protectobot Hotspot, which allowed me to complete an one of my favourite combiners Defensor.

I picked up a cute Shockwave decoy, as well as an Actionmaster Shockwave.

08-02-04-laserwave.jpgNow Shockwave is of course one of my favourite, if not all-time favourite, characters in TF. And I decided I couldn't wait for Hasbro to get his damn modern incarnation of Shockblast out so I bought a Tarkara version... Laserwave. Sure he was a bit pricey, but he's an import and his packaging kicks the proverbial Hasbro ass!

Picked up a few other things here and there this day as well.

Also attended the Hasbro panel, in which Hasbro, purveyors of addictive plastic, discussed the future of the line for the remainder of the year, as well as what 2005 will hold.

Some cool shit, like the return of real gestalt combiners like in the 80s, as well as some news of licensing of new vehicles for the realistic, and quite frankly best ever, line called Alternators.

Of course, the Q & A session got out of hand when the extreme fans asked really stupid questions that have been asked over and over again from previous years.

While the director of marketing for the Transformers line tried to not be insulting, you could tell she just wants to come out and say "Look people... this is a toy line for boys... the decision making pretty much has to do with what will sell to kids... not you adult losers!!!".

They'd never say it of course. The addicts are probably 40%, maybe even 50%, of the sales of the crack Hasbro purveys.

But you know they want to just come out and pull a Shatner and say "Get a life!". (Well... even I do... and I'm a plastic crack whore!!!)

Alas, as Kelmeister had hoped, there was no Dr. Who geekage there.

08-02-04-getter.jpgBut... *drumroll*... there was some totally awesome Shin Getter Robo 5" PVCs of my favourite 70s bots.

I picked up a Getter Dragon, Getter Ligur, and Getter Poseidon, my faves from the era. I even got a Mazinger and Grandizer too. For PVCs, they are sweetness and moisture creating. I do believe my panties got all in a bunch when I saw them.

Later that night, we had dinner at the hotel restaurant and it was actually very very good. I was shocked at how much better the food was here at this Holiday Inn than the other hotels I've stayed at.

Brian called it a night and went to watch a movie on Crack-Priced Hotel Movie Rental´┐Ż and I decided to head down to the bar.

I spent the later part of the evening consuming 4 Black & Tans (non-hoont variety), smoking massive amounts of cigarettes, and just people watching.

Not the best of evenings, but hey... it worked for me!


your entry makes me want to smoke.


Yep, $12 for Dawn of the Dead was some serious price gouging. Hell, I coulda picked up 2 Inferno fists for that much.

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