OTFCC 2004: Day 2

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Day 2 of OTFCC began with an overpriced breakfast buffet at the Holiday Inn and there wasn't even sausage on the damn thing! Cheese blintzes and Eggs Benedict does not a breakfast bar make.

But anyway, we headed back across the street and continued to go over the various dealer's wares.

I managed to score some amazing PVC finds, especially for Takara Japanese only figures. (In fact, I think if I count my PCVs, I'd have over 600 figures in the Attic of Love� lists.)

Masterforce OverloadPVC-wise, I snagged a Masterforce Overlord, a Masterforce Minerva, a Wheeljack that Brian D. gave me, a G1 Omega Supreme, and a Battlestar Convoy, the reborn Convoy (Optimus Prime) of the Japanese continuity. He rocks the balls I tell you!!!

Stunticon WildriderNow I still had a few minor things I needed and spent the good portion of the day trying to find a vintage G1 Stunticon Wildrider, a missing leg to my mostly complete Menasor.

There was only 1 I found and it was $25. I looked and looked and looked and could just not find any.

On a whim, I went back to the guy that I got such great deals from the previous day and asked him if he happened to have a Wildrider since the guy had tons of stuff still in boxes under the table.

Low and behold... he had one and he only charged by $7!!! Alas, moistness overcame me because now Menasor has a proper leg.

MegazarakAnyway, I originally wasn't going to buy one of the convention exclusives since I'm not much of a fan of the original mold (Armada Megatron), but I thought Matt seemed to like it so I purchased the 'con exclusive Megazarak for $50. He'll stay in the box.

I really should have gotten last year's exclusive Sunstreaker and Sideswipe, but I just don't want to spend the cash yet on them.

As Day 2 dragged on, there continued to be dealers who kept lowering prices or wanting to make deals.

I managed to get the Car Robots Spychangers so that kinda rocked since I have almost complete RID lines. I figure getting the Car Robots versions will allow me to have a new niche to collect so what the hell.

Finally getting a hold of the Fabulous Bethany Power, we agreed on meeting in an hour and I putzed around, looking for this or that.

And now... I can reveal to you what may just be the single greatest purchase of the show. The bot that I've wanted for years. The bot that I prophesized in March that I would one day finally own.

Omega Supreme
Yes. Omega Supreme now resides in the Attic of Love� where he will spread goodness and joy for all the world to behold.

No doubt you are sitting at your computer or laptop and saying to yourself "Indeed. Nala is now blessed. Omega Supreme, in all of his massive glory, resides in the Attic of Love�. Great joy and happiness will now be experienced by all. And love will rule the Cowlands. Forever. And ever. And ever."

And thus OTFCC ended for Nala.

A bit over budget, but happy nonetheless.

I then traversed the sea of geeks and low and behold, awaiting me upon my return to the Holiday Inn was The Fabulous Bethany Power and her sister, Kate Power.

Those in the know are aware that these two are the sisters of frequent naladahc.com commenter and former nala-roomate Max Power.

We drove around for about 45 minutes in what I'd consider god-awful horrible traffic in and around Chicago suburbs looking for a pizza dive.

Alas, nothing.

I finally just said to go to the Outback Steakhouse that we drove past 40 minutes early and we had dinner.

It was great to be able to see Bethany P. prior to her leaving for graduate school in England.

Brian D. and I eventually returned to O'Hare and said our fond farewells to OTFCC 2004.

I am not sure if I'll go again.

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