Photo Review: TFU Bonecrusher vs. RID Wedge

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So I've been a total loser today and have been trying to figure out the best way to take toy photos with what I have available here in the Attic and with my old but trusty Olympus 2020Z camera.

I decided I'd spend some time with the new Transformers Universe Bonecrusher, who happens to be made from one of my favorite molds: Car Robots Build Boy.


TFU Bonecrusher - closeup

Transformers Universe Bonecrusher!

Now you have to understand that I love Robots In Disguise Wedge.

Wedge holds a special place in my heart since he's the reason that I got back into Transformers in 2001 when Hasbro brought over Takara's Car Robots line here.

Wedge was the first non-Beast figure that I'd seen since 1988 or so and he was everything that I loved about the original 1984 and 1985 Transformers but 1000 times better.

His incredible detail, realistic bulldozer mode, and quite frankly bright orange color scheme totally pulled me in. In fact, Wedge has even adorned as a tree ornament our House of Love Christmas trees from time to time.

While The Cousin's Shockwave started my addiction in 1985, my Wedge in 2001 rekindled the addiction that has landed me where I'm at today.

So Bonecrusher? Any good?

I frigg'n love him!!!

TFU Bonecrusher

Hasbro has done a great job with this redeco and while quite frankly, the original Constructicon Bonecrusher is pretty forgettable, doing up Wedge's mold in the familiar Constructicon green and purple totally works.

I don't know how to say it but he even looks "evil" somehow.

While I never opened up the yellow Wal-Mart redeco of Wedge, I can't tell for certain if his face has been remolded or not. His mouth definitely seems to be a bit different here on Bonecrusher but I can't tell if that is an illusion or not due to the new colors.

Bonecrusher and Wedge face off!

Obviously he kicks the Micromaster Crush-bull "Bonecrusher" repaint from last year to hell and back due to shere size and detail alone.

Hell. He makes the original look like some garish monstrosity that barely looks robot-ish.

G1 Bonecrusher, TFU G1 Bonecrusher, TFU Micromaster Bonecrusher - Alt Modes

Is he worth the $16.99 I paid? For me. Yes! I love the figure and love the mold. He also comes packed with Scavenger while Long Haul and High Tower are $16.99 themselves.

When compared to the Wal-Mart release from a few years ago they are rather expensive but they look so much better.

Not being all that much of a fan of their combined mode, I can't say for certain if that is worth it.

But they do look pretty in this color scheme.

Transformers Universe G1 Redeco Constructicons

I've loaded up more photos to my Flick Transformer Gallery.

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