I can haz The Jamie and Zoe Power Hour now?

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Now some of you may have heard that Sci-fi actually got their asses out of their heads this time around and will be airing the new season of Doctor Who starting in April which will only be a week or two off from the BBC1 debut.

However, and this is the balls shocker... they picked up The Sarah Jane Adventures too!

The Sarah Jane Adventures

I just didn't think it would happen at all.

The Sarah Jane Adventures, even aimed at a younger audience, is a thousand times better than the balls sucking stink pile that is Torchwood.

So Battlestar Galactica starts up again April 4. Sarah Jane starts April 11 and I believe that new Who will begin on April 18.

I think those'll fill my Futurama emptiness.

S'gonna be one helluva spring time on the tellie!

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Torchwood is such a waste of everybody's time (including the actors) and Sarah Jane is far more grown up and entertaining. I think it's the lack of swearing in SJA. Most of the Sarah Jane watchers I know are in thier 30s anyway and it deserves wider recognition.

Did you ever see the Dead Ringers parody of Torchwood? Worth looking up on youtube.

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