Columbus Toy Show - Saturday Night Setup


So they started letting dealers setup earlier this year and we got everything done fairly quickly.

Columbus Toy Show - A different setup this year.

We have a long straight setup this time. A lot different than last time but there's no comic this time.

Columbus Toy Show - Some of my crack.

I brought what didn't sell last time and I raided some boxed things in the basement that I know I can live without.

I'll do another pass tonight.

The loose stuff will just take so much organizing and bagging so that'll stay binned for now.

IMG_0958Columbus Toy Show - Setup

We're setup with Mrs. and JackOfAllGeeks again.

I love doing the toy shows with them.

So hopefully, I'll find some Micronauts tomorrow. I'll try and get photos of funky rare shit too.


Good luck! And remember you can probably get more than $15 for those Alternators this time!

nala - I am certain you can get some decent prices for those Alternators on eBay.

Is there a Huntress in that pile of Batman Hush figures? I don't know why I didn't buy her when she came out and now I'm looking for her.

Forgive us for not updating... Hurricane Ike made himself felt in Ohio -- something like 300,000 customers without power, and our power company sent linemen to Texas. Every street has at least one major tree down, and debris everywhere.

We are ok. The show was below average for me, average for Nala. We lost some toys in the parking lot (and almost lost Mr. Jack of all Geeks). The house, cars, and pets are ok.

They're saying parts of our area may not get power back for a week. I'm posting this from work, which has its own power supply.

Oh man, hope you guys make out alright.

Ok, here's an update for everyone not in the Cowlands: our power company had somewhere over 300,000 customers in our county without power; over 1.5Million for the state. They are bringing their linemen back from Texas. The news says 90% of the customers in our county should not expect power back before Sunday.

Nala is still off work, because his workplace has no power. I just called and sent him out after free ice at one of the local grocery stores, and I'll try him again in a while to let him know the library now has power and Internets.

We still seem to have hot water, and as long as the grocery stores hold out, we'll have food. I managed to find gasoline today, so we should be good through Friday or so.

I'm in Texas. In our county, power comes from AEP's SWEPCO. I lost power on last Saturday but it was back on Sunday. There's still 4000+ customers without power here though.

Nala, are you still selling Alts? I'd like to make an offer.

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