I decided not to renew my membership in the Gay Robot Collector's Club.

There's zero value in it.

If I get another club magazine in which the general content is always about 25 year old toys I am going to lose it.

I think everything that could be said has been said about G1 and the voice actors that were involved with it.


I only buy because the savings on Botcon makes the annual toy free. And when they do have other exclusives. I'm not opposed to interesting takes on G1 (or other series) but I find the magazines content is a day late and a dollar short.

i joined last year for the first time, only thing i bought was the "free" Breakaway so i could finish Nexus Maximus... who has been renamed in the last magazine so the name no longer is that of a sex toy...

i would join this year for the dicount on punch double punch but i think i know a guy who's joining and will get it for me, for a small commission.

edit: punch counterpunch.... :facepalm

I have nothing against the toy club itself if I am taking advantage of it. I joined last year to try it out and to get a discount on Botcon. I ended up paying $25 to cancel my Botcon registration and the exclusive toy was not too great (especially since I do not have the others in the set), but I am just saving it to have.

This year I did not renew it because Botcon is way far away from me and although the Punch/Counterpunch figure looks cool, I am not shelling out an extra $40 to get it through the club when it might (definitely) end up on Ebay for about the same or less than if I payed the club price.

Does this mean no Botcon for you this year?

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