The purge begins soon. Quite soon.


After many years of talking about it, Wave 1 of the Plastic Crack Dot Com purge will be starting shortly.

I spent the weekend cleaning up the basement and arranging space so I can start unpacking boxes and deciding what goes.

I can't believe I am so close to starting the actually removal of robots from this house!!!

I'm thinking of doing it in waves of 10-15 figures or so. That way I can make it manageable as well as get things shipped out if they are purchased.

I'll post links to figures for sale as they come up.


A TF purge from Plastic Crack Den??? Say it ain't so!!! Heresey!!!


Congrats! It will feel good to lighten your collection. Thats how I'll feel come spring with I dump a third of my comics (or try to).

As it stands, my TF and GIJOE collecting days are over for the near future. I'm back to Mego's and random Batman stuff.

Yes Nala, I know you've been mentioning clearing or thinning out the plastic crack den for years - but I never thought you would REALLY do it.

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