TakaraTomy Disney Label Mickey Prime (Black & White Version)

TakaraTomy Disney Label Mickey Prime (Black & White Version)

This is actually the best toy I got at Botcon.

He's awesomely awesome.

As much as he is awesome his quality is also pretty low.

I totally love this figure.
This snapshot is immediately after removing him from the package and you can see the scratches and scuff marks on his plastic.


Still... I'm happy there was a little something that made me robomoist this month.

TakaraTomy Disney Label Mickey Prime (Black & White Version)y Prime (Black & White Version)


Yeah, I'm thinking about getting this guy. I went to a toy show here in Florida a couple months back and one of the booths had both the B&W one and the red & blue. If they hadn't had him priced like $20 more than at BigBadToyStore, I'd have bought him right then. So much cooler in person.

I wonder what your thoughts might be on what is possibly the greatest Transformers knock-off of the decade:


I... the words... wow.

Sheep Convoy.


Is it bad that I kind of want one?

JOP: It's so baaaaaaad, it's good. (Sorry, could not resist...)

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