I wonder how many fucks it will have?


While I thought it was kind of cute when I saw it in German and didn't know what was being said I can't say the same thing now that I see it in English.

Does he really have to throw out the "bitches"?

I mean... yeah... I know... big summer movie and all... but it is still a children's property and it is aimed at kids.

I was kind of shocked at the Joe Pesci knock-off voice too.

I wish Wheelie had called Carly Mikaela a hot piece of ass or something. That would have been about right for a Bay film.


I was surprised to hear that the film was dubbed for a foreign theatrical release. I just assumed American films were almost always subtitled in other countries.

I keep wondering what's going to be the "Awkward 10 minute Masturbation Jokes" scene in this flick.

Seriously, If they made a cut that dropped that part I'D BUY IT.

People on the boards are going apeshit over this clip. I don't understand it. They are praising this as the funniest thing ever in TF history. Um, it was okay. It was kinda cute. Reminded me of Gremlins. But it wasn't ZOMG LOL teh awsum. I guess swearing robots are just plain hilarious. At least the dialogue is as sharp as ever, with hackneyed lines like "I'm your worst nightmare." So original.

I was going to say something but Beth/Kirilaw really summed it all up with the following:

"What? That's suppose to be funny? Mousetraps? And then swearing? I mean maybe if he swore in rhymes..."

I have to agree. I am so afraid of them going for the humour. When this is big scary robots, I'm all for it. But the humour is just bad. Will Ferrell bad.

That said, Beth still has to endure a viewing of the film but only once now. Honest. More than that is just cruel. And she has a free pass on GIJoe. No one outside the fandom should have to pay to watch that anticipated turd.

EB: I think it's because the fandom has lowered expectations. I remember when Voyager Starscream was considered a design failure, and now I'm seeing these positive reviews for Demolishor... Demolishor, really? The terrifying unicycle of doom? ARGH.

That clip was... uh...

Well, I didn't laugh, I didn't groan either. I would say the clip is just symptomatic of the whole live action movie franchise and why I don't much go for it.

I'd planned to take my five-year-old daughter to see this with me as a late Father's Day present to myself.

Guess that plan is shot...

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