Wow. I though MC said no west coast GRCs ever?


Well... I'm thinking that it will be highly unlikely that I'll be heading to Pasadena in May.

There's got to be some money saved in 2009 and I feel confident that this is one trip I can do without this year.


I'm out for sure. $400 for travel, $160+ per night for hotel, plus food and expenses? Plus $300ish for the con package. Oh, and I would need to renew my membership. That's another $50. Yeah, not happening. Even if they show the TF2 movie a month early. Do not care.

No commemorative GRC shirt? :(

Botcon. Not the same without Nala and Giga.

There will likely be a TFCon in Toronto this year. Its not as big as the GRC but its getting there. Last year they had guests who were voices on the old cartoon and even Hasbro had a booth. So I'll just go to that one.
Then I also found out there is the first ever GIJOE Convention in Canada (they had "meets" before but it was never big enough to be a "Con") which is also really close to where I live.

I'm pretty excited about those without having to go to California.

I think you are right that this Con is going to be completely movie-related. And if that's not someone's thing, then...

I think the toys could be cool (I'm surprised how much I'd enjoy a second adventure into the mirror universe, but there are so many animated possibilities) although I am prepared to be disappointed. But they can be shipped to one's door for $300 without all the other charges.

I'll miss you guys but I totally understand.

Shame that you won't be going Nala.

@fairplaythings: I think I'll be going, care to maybe meet up?

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