I'm at the Pasadena Paris Hilton



It has been a couple of weeks now.

Who's going to the GRC?

ZetaConvoy, MrDuce, and Mike will be there. Andew no doubt will since he lives near there.

I know SpectroScott and Mister Terrific will definitely be there.

I know someone else mentioned going but I can't remember.

I'm likely to do walk-in right now unless there's something so fantastic about the toys that I have to get a Primus package. Let's face it... everything else about the con will pretty much follow the previous patterns and I don't really need another casino night.


You going? If so, what hotel you at?


From my experience last year, being a Walk-in doesn't lose much of the experience. So I didn't get the crazy dinner. Instead, we all went out and bought animated toys in Kentucky.

Oh right, and I didn't get a set of lame "anti-toys".

Yes, I'm in. How can I back out now? Teresa is reserved on mini-con status, and you're in. LOL. Really have to get going on my contest entries...

But it is going to be expensive, mainly because I've never been to L.A. so I am going to make a week trip of it. But I am waiting to finalize arrangements after the first big dent in the paycheck that is next week is over. I can't say I'll say hi to Fidel, but I'll hold onto a few good cigars for Cali.

Now all I need is a little energon and a lot of luck (that MP doesn't decide to upload the registration forms while I am away, thus complicating my efforts to do the customizing class (or at the extreme, getting into all the events I want)).

I'm trying really hard to convince myself not to go. I have a personal 'only every other Botcon' policy and I went last year. BUT the Pasadena main library is about the same distance from the show as the Cincinnati one was last year and this appeals to my library fetish. The circumstances sure are lining up for a Pasadena stop on Vintage Space Toast Tour 2009 but I'm still undecided.

It looks like my sister is going and my wife actually wants to go to California when she gets back from fighting the Cylons, which is also coincidentally around Botcon time. Then there's one west coast dealer in particular that I wouldn't mind never seeing again for as long as I live and if there's even the slightest chance he'd be there it would sour it for me. So it's like how much do I hate that guy versus how much do I like everybody else. Some people go to Botcon to see the other fans but I'm sort of in a situation where certain other fans would be a reason to not go. Fan drama!

Since I don't pre-reg anymore I don't feel as much pressure to figure out what I'm going to do. But that whole extra day walk-ins don't get is sometimes worth it for the little exclusive sneak peeks of toys and other things at the various Friday-only panels. I guess it depends on guests and whether the theme is movie or 25th anniversary and what they do with that. And really, is there anything they could show or say about G1 that hasn't already been covered? The con schedule would have to be really spectacular (and more importantly, released really soon) for me to make a decision about this year.

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