Day One


Today's my first day sans crutches, immobilizer, and wraps.

I had my first day of physical therapy yesterday and have managed to get a significant range of motion back in the knee.

I even walked up the steps like a normal human male yesterday. I may finally be able to break the limp.

Overall. The knee is much better.

Don't know if the cartilage has healed. Surgeon said this micro fracture procedure typically has 70-80% positive results.

The Elysian Fields know I sure as hell don't want a replacement joint at my age but that's likely the next step.

Oh. Don't forget. New Battlestar Galactica tomorrow!


Good to hear your coming along well after surgery. The best of luck on your recovery.

And on the BSG front--I think it will be awesome and kinda sad all at the same time. It is finally ending...but at least on it's own terms.

I've still never seen Galactica 1980--but I just need to get off my ass on that one, I gots Netflix, afterall!

On the 5th Cylon identity bit, I'm thinking that Roslin or Starbuck are the front runners. Especially Roslin with the whole Opera House/Hera vision stuff she has. There's definitely something a bit off about both characters, really.

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