Henkei Jaguar

Henkei Jaguar

Shipping with Henkei Hound, Jaguar, aka Ravage, is actually pretty sweet for a modern version of one of the 80s cassette Decepticons.

Henkei Jaguar (cassette mode)

Of course, how many kids know what the hell an audio cassette is?


But who the hell cares!

He's great!

Henkei Jaguar: 2159


This guy's gorgeous! Just a shame he don't come with Soundwave...


How is he different than the US spec Ravage? I just saw these guys in the store, but chose not to pick them up because all he has is the shoulder rocket launcher. If he'd had his rifle, I'd probably have had to buy him.

StormSigma: The lack of Hound's G1 gun just goes with the whole current Hasbro theme of half-assing. They always seem to find away to do something awesome only to cancel it out somehow.

And that Ravage looks really good with the original Ravage G1 missles.

Agentmorris: YES. I had stopped collecting TF's and sold most of my collection, and then recently, I walked into Target and there in the toy section, angels singing, and a beam of holy light shining down, was Cyclonus. I purchased him instantly, the "But you're PAST buying TF's now, remember?" little voice in my head, gagged, bound, and thrown in a closet.

I went in the other day and saw this toy and was kinda bummed.

One of my earliest TF cartoon memories was that episode where the Autobots captured Ravage and put him in a cage, and Hound had the keyring on a little notch on his side, and he "accidentally" dropped it, and Ravage picked it up and escaped. Seeing these two packaged together made me remember that.

But the lack of a rifle was an insult, especially given that the ORIGINAL Hound came with scads of extra stuff.

The complaining about Hound not having a gun just goes with the whole current eternal fandom theme of pissing and moaning. They always seem to find a way to bitch about something awesome.

The lack of a rifle is a total insult, especially given that the ORIGINAL Hound was a dinky fucking box with no articulation that needed eleven tiny pieces of crap bolted onto it in order to look halfway cool.

Seriously, you people are never fucking happy. This is one of the coolest fucking upgrades in the history of the line, and you bitch because he doesn't come with a gun HE NEVER FUCKING USED, even though he comes with the shoulder mounted projector device HE USED ALL THE FUCKING TIME. Boy, I wish we had gotten a boring piece of silver plastic instead of a goddamned THREE DIMENSIONAL RAVAGE THAT STILL FITS INSIDE SOUNDWAVE. Boy, I feel ripped off!

Oh wait, that's right. If Hasbro REALLY loved the fans, they'd go over budget to include the rifle, even though they'd have to A: find some way to stash it in vehicle mode, B: make sure it wouldn't break into pieces when bent or choke little Timmy to death when he tries to eat it, and C: get rid of some other feature of the toy to pay for it.

(and don't compare it to Takara - Takara is working on a whole other business model which is trying to placate pedantic whining thirty-somethings who want a plastic man that's exactly like the original plastic man but not EXACTLY like the original plastic man, whereas Hasbro is actually trying to turn a profit by making cool toys kids will like and also pedantic whining thirty-somethings will buy anyway because goddamnit they've got to have every last plastic man, even though they hate themselves for buying it.)

I love how the guy telling us that we're wrong for wanting certain details as consumers in the items we are considering buying, then goes on a big bitchfit rant himself.

What a tool.

I'm not saying you're wrong. I'm saying you're greedy little piggies who are never fucking satisfied ever. I'm so serious here - what would it TAKE for the fandom in general to be satisfied with a fucking toy?

I don't think I've seen a SINGLE FUCKING TOY, EVER, that has actually gotten the vast majority of the fandom to go "Okay, that one's cool." The last one I saw come close was RiD Optimus (which I personally don't really care for, but was generally well-received). Even the stuff that's DIRECTLY TARGETED TO THE FANS, you guys find shit to bitch about. BOO HOO THE BIG ASS OPTIMUS PRIME WITH DIE CAST METAL THAT LOOKS JUST LIKE THE ONE FROM THE CARTOON HAS SOME BROWN STUFF ON IT AND THE SMOKESTACKS ARE THE WRONG LENGTH THIS TOY IS A PIECE OF SHIT HASBRO HATES THE FANS UNNNGH.

I mean, all things considered, this fandom is fucking spoiled. Think about the Thundercats fans out there - all three dozen of them. Those guys would KILL for an updated toy like this - for ANYTHING, really. Hasbro pretty much is constantly jerking off the fandom, and we're complaining because their hands are a little cold.

Don't get me wrong, I'm more than willing to say I dislike something. I don't really like the deco on Universe Smokescreen, and I wish Universe Dinobot had better weapons. But I'm not taking it as a fucking "insult" or "half-assed," because quite frankly, I'm generally happy that Hasbro even bothered to make the motherfucker.

Amen and halleleujah, brother. Amen.

Hooper: As someone who may have helped send you on the tirade, I agree with the idea that the fan base is never, hardly ever, collectively happy with what comes out. I'm guilty as charged, I'm afraid. You are very much allowed to your opinion, as anyone else is allowed theirs.

That said, as a whiny bitch fan, I'm honestly VERY grateful that G1ish Transformers are made in any capacity whatsoever. 12 or so years ago, I would've never thought that possible.

And you know what? You got me thinking, how awesome would updated M.A.S.K. figures/vehicles be?

On second thought, GI Joe fans got the Matt Trakker figure and their probably bitching about him right now, too.

You are absolutely correct - the GIJoe fandom lit up with bitching about Matt Trakker because he wasn't A: The last Boring Dude From 1982 In Green Pajamas We Need (Zap, who is at least a boring dude with a moustache) B: Whoever Else Is Left From 1983 or 1984, C: REALISTIC MILITARY!!!!!,
D: Doctor Mindbender, who is of course the living embodiment of REALISTIC MILITARY!!!, E: MOAR ARMY BUILDARS.

I think that's what fandoms do. They give people a place to hone their bitching skills. It's like a religion, except that thus far, we've yet to start blowing each other up over the proper way to appreciate plastic men.

I know this is a little bit hard to understand for you people, but there is only so much money that can be spent on producing a figure. Hasbro now uses it on toys that actually move and have paint instead of bricks with horrible-looking stickers. Wanna go back to spending all your money on partsforming bricks without paint apps? Then buy some reissues or loose junkers.

Just as a big thumbs up (somewhere, heh, couldn't resist) to Hasbro, I just opened up my Universe Cyclonus this morning, and holy frakin' hell is he awesome. Between him and Voyager Inferno, they are in class by themselves as they honestly rival Henkei stuff, just without the chrome, perhaps.

They are both simply FANTASTIC. A big well done and I hope that whomever engineered and designed these two figures is in charge of the Universe line from here on out. I mean Uni. Galvatron is a CRAP figure. Uni. Cyclonus=Chock full of awesome!

Here's to hoping they keep 'em coming!

Cyclonus does look like the best f*cking mold ever imo.
It's a shame it's DW MTMTE-sourcebook inspired though, but that's what the Henkei Version's for.

Hooper, while I understand where you're coming from, your point is lost in your repetitive insults, and really shows that you seem not to have too objective an outlook on it, which of course results in your failure to make a relevant point.

So, let me clue you in, and I'll even do it without calling you names or using too many exclamation points.

The thing you seem to not get (or are perhaps intentionally being too obtuse to accept) is that toy buyers in general are CONSUMERS FIRST and toy buyers second. I say in general, because yes, there are people on both sides of the spectrum. I personally, am no longer in the deep end of the spectrum: the sad, pathetic worst of toy buyers, the completist. Those fools will buy anything and everything because OMG GOTTA GET 'EM ALL! I no longer flush massive amounts of cash down the drain over plastic figurines. The ones I choose to purchase are the ones who have met ALL the criteria that I personally, subjectively (these two words which render every ranting post above that you have made utterly irrelevant) have chosen. If that makes me a "greedy little piggy" then quite frankly, you can eat a dick.

At the end of the day, I notice that many more toy-buyers are becoming like me, choosy. I have picked MANY a toy up and then set down because it didn't meet my personal criteria. In this case, it was Hound. He doesn't have his rifle, so I didn't buy it because IT DID NOT MEET MY CRITERIA. That you have a personal problem with that, or feel that it makes me ungrateful, I really couldn't give a fuck, again, being quite candid.

I do not buy toys based on "OMG They finally made new toys, I have to have it no matter what and I should be grateful that they made it all!"

Says who? You?

Wrong, and even better, irrelevant.

1: Universe Galvatron was originally designed as a Voyager or larger toy. It got dropped down to Deluxe for whatever reason. that's why it's so weirdly complicated and ambitious - 'cause it ought to be a lot bigger.

2: meh meh meh meh i only buy toys that meet my exacting criteria anyone who buys everything is a dumb retardo dumb butt meh meh meh.

Nala, sorry that this drama unfolded here. I'm just not a fan of mental defectives who come in and attack people for no reason, people who had in no way addressed them. Neither Agent Morris nor myself said at any time "Wow, that Hooper X guy is a raving vagina."

Instead he decided that because we did not like an aspect of a toy, suddenly we're the OMG ROOT CAUSE OF ALL THAT'S WRONG WITH TOY FANDOM MEH MEH MEH!


Douches, the whole lot. Stop taking everything so fucking seriously. THEY'RE JUST FUCKING TOYS!!

That is all.

Hooper X:
"I'm saying you're greedy little piggies who are never fucking satisfied ever. I'm so serious here - what would it TAKE for the fandom in general to be satisfied with a fucking toy?"

Call me crazy but I bet the majority of fans probably would have loved Masterpiece Megatron if he didn't have all the QC issues. I mean, not only did he have his cannon, he had Kremzeek his energy chain, his "light saber" (not to be confused with lightsaber because he'd be sued for using a lightsaber) and pistol that he used for just a brief couple seconds in the original movie. MP Grimlock also looks like he's going to have every little obscure accessory he ever had on the show as well. I mean, he's even going to have his apron! In terms of details and accessories, the Takara MP line should hopefully please anyone who feels that they're gypped on Classics/Universe accessories.

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