Henkei Hound

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Henkei Hound

So Henkei Hound arrived today and well... I'm less than thrilled with him.

He's a fantastic sculpt... don't get me wrong there... but...

I paid $15 more than the Hasbro version as well as shipping for a figure with the same kinds of shitty paint flaws I've seen in a good chunk of my Classics/Universe 2.0 figures.

And quite frankly... that angers me.

Henkei Hound

His "feet" seem kind of funky to me.

I've played around with them a bit but can't say I'm a fan of them.

Henkei Hound's chrome

Unlike the Hasbro version, the Henkei one has some chrome deco which is on the front bumper/fender/whatever this is on a Jeep.

And while it is nice... it is not worth spending the extra money to get this guy.

I let my unhappiness if finding the Hasbro one get the best of me and when I saw he was in stock at TFSource I got him. I should have waited on this one.

Henkei Hound

His alt mode is really fine and I have no complaints there other than I forgot to attach his gun.

Henkei Hound's messed up eye

The paint/plastic flaw on his left eye pisses me off to no end though.

I've come to expect that on Hasbro figures.

I just have never had that kind of shoddy work on a Takara version. Or if I did I can't really recall it.

Overall I would recommend Hound... but just get his Hasbro version.

The extra money for the chrome on him is not worth it.

Henkei Hound: 2158

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I was actually thinking of getting the Henkei version due to the better colors used throughout comapred to the Hasbro version I already have. Now you've placed the seed of doubt. The paint QC for both companies has really hit the crapper these last few years, huh?

That said, I still might get the Henkei after all. Just for the darker green, extra yellow detailing and the gray legs instead of white. I just may wait a while. There are other figures I'm more jonesing to waste my hard earned money on and clog up my shelves with awesome.

I didn't even comment about the gouge on his face either.

I think out of the whole Universe line, I want Hound the most. I'll probably just get the Hasbro one if it ever shows up in Canada...

I did preorder the Henkei Smokescreen. I'm looking forward to that arrival at my door. He's the other most anticipated on my list.

Dude. You got the rare Lucky-Draw Battle Damage Version of Hound that shows where Ravage scratched him in the face.

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