Why can't Jon Favreau direct Transformers 2?


And then I read...

"I'd love and think we could almost barely manage ten on each side," wrote Mr. Orci on the Don Murphy message boards.

Oh yes. You did such a wonderfully fantastic job with characterization and dialogue with 5 on each side in that first movie.



Well it will be easier for them now since they already have their history and story explained,they don´t have to explain a much bigger amount of characters than the last movie,since most characters are just returning characters as well. Also,some characters will most likely not talk,Ravage for example won´t need much background.

All right!! Now even more character designs that will look like car crashes!!!

The skeptic/cynic in me thinks this film will be much worse than the first one.

Honestly, I guess I'll be happy with TF2 as long as there are no robots urinating or defecating on anything.

but micheal bay outlined the whole script for them already, how much more would they have to do...?

10 on each side, seems like a bit much. i can barely keep track with the few on tfa...i wonder how bad this will suck...?


Pretty badly. It'll be twice the first one. The first one made a ton of money, which to Michael Bay is the only real barometer of how effing big things should explode.

What are you folks talking about?? Bay is THE film-making "auteur de jour" for our generation. Fast-paced, quick editing, and edge of your seat thrill rides. His films are summer popcorn masterpieces, just look at his resume:

- Bad Boys
- The Rock
- Armageddon
- Bad Boys 2
- The Island

And the numero uno very underrated: Pearl Harbour!!!!!


Can't wait for TF2.

Yeah. . . I'll take Tora Tora Tora anyday.

Any time the Wonder Twins chime in, I begin to worry.

They are, of course, involved in the new Star Trek franchise re-imagining; fans were concerned until Orci assured them that he and Kurtzman were "Huge Trek fans" and that they "...knew everything Trek".

I don't know how valid this is but someone gave me the link today.


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