Funny how that apathy thing works.


So I got this email from Evebird yesterday...

FYI, WalMarts in Cols are receiving TF Animated toys. I just bought Lugnut and Grimlock on Bethel Rd. They have all the deluxe size figures--Ratchet, Blackarachnia, Bumblebee, Lockdown, Prime, Prowl, plus Bulkhead, Starscream, Megatron, two-packs, etc.
...and I realized that there was a time when I'd have immediately dropped everything I was doing and run out to buy them.

Man. Those days are so long gone now.

I kind of want Ratchet and Bulkhead but there is no longer that "gotta have now" feeling in me that used to be there.


When you have as many TFs as you do (2000+), apathy is sure to kick in.

I, on the other hand, only have about 80 or so.

So no apathy here, yet, by a long shot. I'm cynical most of the time about most things but just not about my toy robots.

I' still excited about the new toys starting to show up a bit but at the same time when I find them I worry I'll end up being disappointed. I think part of it is that I haven't been excited over toys for a while.

I got kind of stoked for the Indy toys then when I found them it was like "Well I could build an army of Germans but what' the point?" Also "These sculpts are ok I guess but I don't really need Indy toys". So I picked up the best version of Jones I could find and a couple of soldiers and have passed on the line repeatedly since.

marvel Legends used to be a regular draw but I've long since dropped it out of discare for the line (around when Hasbro took over). I liked the new GI Joes initially but they are getting to a lot of characters I don't care about.

Basically, Animated is sort of trying to fill a void of toy caring but I've been let down a lot lately. Also I've got most of the stuff I want already from Botcon.

I would really like Starscream and Black Arachnia. My area was one of those test areas for the toys so I lucked out and got Bumblebee, Prime, and Prowl before botcon.

I was at my Walmart last night and found cybertron Megatron and Bulkhead. I don't really care about them though.

Lately I'm more into these 25th Anniversay GIJoes. I'm only collecting characters I really care about so I think I have about 3 more left that I feel I "have" to have. Zartan, Bazooka, and Alpine (if he exists).

Man, I hear you Nala. The cartoon is cool, but I can't work up the energy to love the toys. Part of it may be that I've got horrible storage/display conditions and am quickly running out of space, and part of it may be...meh. I'll probably pick up the core cast 'cause my six-year old son is way hyped, and I'll also probably pick up the Dinobots since Dinobots = Badass. Strangly enough, I'm not really excited about Classics 2.0 either. What's happened to the love we used to share, Transformers?

All I know is, the older I get and the longer I own a Transformer, the easier it is to forget how to transform the darn thing. That's why I'm only buying the ones I really want to remember.

Hey did you see the Spawn Series 35 purple robot? Kind of looks like Shock...

well, i am totally opposite of you. as soon as i saw they were in CA, i called my dad, and sent him to the local walmart where he snagged ratchet & BA for me... i am feeling apathetic towards the movie toys though. i am so wicked excited for the animated toys, but then its right up my alley, and totally my design taste too. so no big suprise i suppose!

I'm excited to pickup some of the TF:Animated toys myself ... too bad I haven't seen anything yet.

TL, I'm with you. Don't care a whit about the movie toys. Or the movie itself for that matter. However, I am in love with the awesomeness of the Animated toys though. I am just starting to open all of these guys now.

Bulkhead ultra class is a great toy. Period. Everyone must own one. 9/10

Prowl has amazingly good robot and vehicle modes, given that he's a motorcycle. It's not an easy alt mode to work from. However, his legs have a tendency to break off at the crotch during transformation, and it's a bitch to get him back in cycle mode. 7/10

Ratchet is great. Love the tools. Good poseability. 9/10

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