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So I've been thinking of actually keeping a bit more crack than originally planned.

There's no reason I have to get rid of some of the things I'd originally planned to.

Hell. I can even rotate some things in and out as I feel the need to refresh the shelves so to speak.

So... I'm thinking I'll get rid of...

Most if not all of the G2 stuff
All non-show appearing Beast Wars figures (with the exceptions of a few Japanese Neo ones)
95% of Armada/Micron Densetsu
95% of Energon/Superlink
60% of Cybertron/Galaxy Force
Some Botcon stuff

So... that'll still allow me some shit to make people want to puke when they visit and yet also not make me feel like the tens of thousands of dollars I've wasted in my life on this shit hasn't been in vain.

Then again, I could just haul up a dumpster and be free of it all.


Keep 'em all, keep 'em all, keep 'em all ...


I actually like the "I can even rotate some things in and out as I feel the need to refresh the shelves so to speak" idea. You get to keep all the crack, without having all the shelf clutter.

I think you've got a great system for weeding them out. Your list is very similar to my own ideas about how to make the most out of my collection. By the way, love the shot of Alpha Trion---I still haven't acquired one, but I will someday.

i think the wise thing to do is try and get back some of money you put into it. but i totally understand the desire to just toss it all away...maybe you could instead donate some of the armada/energon/cybertron ones at least to a children's hospital or something...then at least they would get played with...

Teresa may be onto something there. But certainly, there are a lot of the Unicron trilogy that are open for purging.

I'm getting like this but with my comic books. I know what you're going through.

I sold some of my G1 TF's a few years ago but the criteria was that they were for sale if I couldn't immediatley remember the characters name. Sooo I sold like 10 of them lol. Mostly stuff from the end of G1, the Headmasters and combiners and such.

I say get rid of the clutter if its bothering you.

Ohh and Alpha Trion here is so awesome. Don't get rid of him. If you do though...let me know :)

Survive! We love Survive! Don't give up on beautiful Survive!

Hey Carl / Superconductor, I've an extra Trion. Let the fighting begin! lol (Seriously, drop me an email if you want - with apologies to you, Nala, for using your comments page in this manner...)

Fairplaythings: I really appreciate it but I'm gonna wait until the dust settles on a job change, new baby, move, appraisal and possible house sale to buy any high dollar crack. I'm just keeping up with the Animated stuff right now a little at a time. Besides, I don't know how to email you from here. . .

Superconductor, appreciate your constraints. I can always be reached through the blog at fairplaythings.livejournal.com

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