TF Club Topspin


TF Club Topspin

So there I was walking up the steps and got all excited thinking it was my Shockwave Munny but alas, it was just a Transformers Club membership figure.

Not as translucent as in previous figures. Well... at least the jet/plane one.

TF Club Topspin is the 2070th Transformer that I've acquired.

(And yes, I like him holding two guns instead of the official instructions!)

TF Club Topspin


Pretty. I just wish that the resulting combiner wasn't going to be so faction conflicted.

I wonder if mine will come through Malmo, Sweden?

ugh, its worse than i thought... what the heck will i do with mine when it arrives? toss it in the bin with the bayformers i guess...

also, your munny was mailed out! i hope he arrives safe & sound! please let me know... i tried to wrap him up really carefully, but those antenna always make me worry...

Is it wrong whenever I see one of these, I can only think of the song "America, Fuck Yeah!" ?

I don't own a single version of that mold, and I don't have a bit of guilt or angst about it. I do have the Universe version of Barricade though---unfortunately, his left knee is drilled wrong so he kind of does the stiff-legged shuffle. . .I don't think I'm missing much not belonging to the club, although one of these days I'm going to spring for ebaying the Astrotrain and maybe Airazor.

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