Stressed out.


Very poor quality

Megs has some issues. What's sad is that they were there right out of the box before I even transformed him.

There's plastic stress on some of his pins. Hell. The one pin doesn't even look like it was inserted right and had to be cut or something.

Who knows what our Chinese overlords are doing with toy production these days.

All I know is that mine better have a shitload of lead in the paint.

It tastes better that way.


Damn, when will the QC issues stop with this line?

When the Wave 3 Deluxes from Big Bad Toy Store arrived to me last week, I was literally sweating what I would get as I opened them up.

I lucked out again it seems as they were all OK. Good paint, joints, etc;..

Here's to hoping the quality issues get sorted out as the Animated line continues on. I have all of them released so far (minus the two-pack) and had little trouble with any of them.

Lots of fans are reporting QC issues with the TFA line. FYI: has a decent article on some repair techniques.

DL,that´s really just from new members who handle them like toys for ADHD kids.

Rhinox, that's because it is aimed at kids, regardless if they're ADHD or not... As a father of an ADHD kid, I find that sort of comment offensive and inane, and I would advise you to curb those kind of comments in future...



Nala, is there any way you can take it back and get it swapped for another one ?

I think i'm one of the lucky ones because i can thankfully say that i've had absolutely no problems with any of the eight Animated Transformers that i've picked up so far *shrugs*

And Decepticon Rhinox, all i see you do is give attitude or insult people, stop acting like an arse all the time, take a day off...

If there's one Anime Megatron I'll buy it will be the leader Megs. Not a fan of the heli-mode but he's got fun gimmicks from what I heard.

BTW grey TFs are the worst with stress marks. For some reason more and more are getting made probably due to the "realistic" thing.

Mark:i'm just saying that an adult collector shouldn't have the problems too quick,i didn't mean to offend anyone.
"fuckwit" however is a direct insult,making you the worst hypocryt since Hitler.

It was meant as a direct insult, hence I wasn't being hypocritical...


I'm not a typical Brit in that respect...


Make the "here's the church, here's the steeple" formation with your hands (interlock fingers of both hands, leaving index fingers extended), place hands to center of forehead.

I actually wrote to Hasbro about my Starscreams missing thumb. I just wanted them to be aware of it. I didn't expect anything but they offered to pay to have it sent to them and they would get me a new one.

I would have taken it back to the store but it was a birthday gift and my friend lost the receipt.

that carl guy: Annoying, isn't it? I remember writing to Hasbro when I bought Titanium Megatron (that first one that turned into a tank) and Cybertron OP. Both of those toys were shit that fell apart constantly. Hasbro's response was "Send it back to us and we'll send you another free of charge". I don't WANT another, you fools! It'll be the same garbage as these were!!!

So I sold them on Ebay for a profit. Let someone else have the headache of a toy that grenades as soon as you even look at it.

Fuck - move both hands with thumbs out into each other between thumb and fingers.

Wit - flick of finger by temple.



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